As a male I am well-aware of my lack of sexual appeal to the female gender. I have read many-a-study of the fact that women are no longer sexually attracted to men in their nude forms. This is a very disappointed fact to me, as I have always wanted to appear sexy to the opposite gender. I’ve always wanted to be “attractive,” and when Amanda told me that she didn’t find the nude male form attractive, well, I lost hope.

But when we broke up I decided that the deed would be placed on myself. Surely there were some women out there who still found the nude male form attractive, as awkward and dangly as it is, and I knew that if I pushed myself, maybe, eventually, I’d find one of them. Sure, I haven’t found one yet, but it is a goal I strive for; someone who appreciates the nude form not only from an artistic point of view but from a sexual point of view. It’s a shot in the dark, assuming that maybe some girl might find my jock worthwhile, but I feel like if I hold out for someone who appreciates it the way I appreciate the female form, it’ll be worth it.

So I have been exercising, I have been lifting weights, I have been looking at myself in the mirror and decided what parts of my physical self I want to improve. I wouldn’t say it’s vein; I’d say it’s a goal which I’ve always had and now have the means and drive to pursue. In the past I’ve been well-dedicated to perpetuating the body I was given, but I feel like it’s time to improve my physical self—it’s time to create something new and exciting—for me or for others.

So I lift weights, I sing songs, I focus on what I want to focus on and I hope I can find someone who appreciates me for it. Right now, I appreciate myself for it, and really that’s probably the best thing I can do. Do something for myself, do a comic for myself, do an exercise for myself. I don’t make this comic with hopes that a girl will find me and go, “oh, he’s the perfect man,” because I present myself as such; I make a comic with the hopes that I will look at it and go, “oh, there’s a man I want to continue to be.”

If you missed it, here’s a new Minecraft episode, and I mailed out book orders, which you can still order one of. The updates must flow. Just as the spice, must. Or something. I don’t know. Time for another shot of vodka.