Hey, it’s Inktober and I guess that was enough of a catalyst to get me to make something.

Also hi, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? The ups and downs have been pervasive and persuasive. I have a big ol’ collection of unopened LEGO sets, though, so that’s… nostalgic?

I’m not sure I’ll get a comic out for every day this month. With Inktober, I think the idea is that you draw something in ink every day. I used to be all like, “I don’t need a day to decide to make something – every day is my day to decide to make something!” but hey, this gift horse’s mouth is going to go unlooked for a while. It’s probably got some nasty teeth or something. But it’s still a horse. And a gift. So, here’s a comic?

If you’re still around, cya later.