Sometimes I make music with a theme or a point, but at the time I wrote this song, I just needed to clear my head. It was more of a stream of consciousness thing than a well-planned out melody. It helped me to verbalize some things I was feeling, and that was more helpful than I would’ve imagined.

For me, writing songs is kind of like keeping a journal. I write what’s important to me at that time. I already have this comic where I can talk about what I’m feeling, so when I write a song it’s kind of like melodically synthesizing my emotions; it doesn’t have to be clear and apparently it almost needs to be vague for me to appreciate it and enjoy the process.

So I don’t write too many songs, and every time I write a new one, it doesn’t feel like the last, because I usually write music when I feel different. To me, creating music is an entirely different experience than creating anything else; video, comics, podcasts… it works a different part of my brain where rhythm and rhyme aren’t necessarily necessary, but in which they are important and understood. They are apparent, when I write a song. If I made a song in a comic form, people might not understand exactly how I was trying to say it. With a song, I need to make every annunciation and pronunciation mean something.

So it works a different muscle. And I like working different muscles. I have a lot of them. Some comic muscles, some video muscles, some cooking muscles, some physical muscles, some music muscles. I feel like if I don’t work all of them sometimes they might atrophy and I might forget how to work them. I worry that in the future I will continue to discover new muscles and some of these old muscles just won’t have the time to be exercised anymore, but I guess that’s how you discover the things you’re truly passionate about. The muscles we choose to flex are the muscles we love.

This comic is a muscle I’m continuing to flex; I guess that means I love it.

In other news, I had to upgrade my computer because my old one broke, so thanks to some money from some relatives I was able to do so! You won’t notice a difference in quality or anything, but hey, now I can boot windows in like 6 seconds. Ain’t that fancy?

It might help with my recording things such as that Minecraft LP, which, if you watched the first episode of, you would undoubtedly be anticipating EPISODE TWO: THE FIVE STAGES OF GRIEF. In it, a character dies FOREVER—but whom?? Someone important, I bet. Better watch to find out.

I’ll cya round the interverse.