Hi! My name is Cory Allan, and you can call me either of those names whenever you’d like!

I’ve been making webcomics since I was in junior high. I started out just sharing them with classmates who were mostly bemused and confused, but I received enough support to continue exploring the medium, and once I figured out Photoshop, I began scanning my work and started exploring online art/comic communities like Neoseeker, Drunk Duck (now The Duck Webcomics), Nightgig, and Smackjeeves.

I started Allan when I was in high school and chronicled my journey throughout and around my academic career. It was originally available to read on Drunk Duck, and later, I procured independent hosting for “” at the now defunct Rampage Network, managed by John Hernandez. There it lived and gained popularity from 2008 to 2013, until Rampage Network abruptly went offline. Due to an incomplete archive system and years of corrupt hard drives, a majority of old allancomics were taken and remain offline, and a good portion of content was lost forever.

Further, Hernandez insisted on purchasing domain names for all the artists he offered hosting to, and despite having lost his server, refused to relinquish my domain for four years. Essentially, “” was dead, and my online presence faded while I invested in personal development and smaller side projects. I began considering my personal portfolio, and purchased the domains “” and “”

Once I graduated, Allan unofficially transitioned into Cory Allan, and sometime into my first post-collegiate job, I put “” to use. Eventually, Hernandez let me buy “” back from him (once I paid for the years he had “held onto it for me”), and I put it to work mirroring Nowadays, I still get the occasional hit from an old friend’s plug.


So right now, I’ve got a job as a Tech Writer at a tech company in Silicon Valley (mid-northern California). I qualify for low income in the city I work in. I’m living with my girlfriend’s parents while I pay off my student loans, which is a struggle, but definitely a gift horse. Rent and a solid student loan payment is a little outside my financial wheelhouse, so to speak. At my job, I’m not so much building “a career” insomuch as I’m “swapping my youth to repay debt.” Beyond that, I try my hardest to make as much art as possible while smoking more weed than I should and exercising in between.

I make Cory Allan as often as possible. Maybe like 4 days a week, you can check for an update. Ideally, it’d actually be 7, but I’m still working back to that.

If you wanna message me personally, I think twitter or email is the best way.