I talked about these two friends a while back, but never brought them up. We’ve hung out a lot in the past, but I now have two classes with Doug, and one with Chris, and well, we’re all kinda slowly building that college bond. It’s a good thing, and I’m embracing it. We all kind of consider each other the “supportive” friends we want; while they have other friends who they kind of shoot the shit with, when we’re together we talk about mature things and problems and are honest with one-another. We don’t let each-other shit out of classes and we always call one-another on our bullshit. It’s like a support group for three dudes who all have pretty large problems in our lives at the moment, and really it’s just what we all need.

So you’ll probably see more about them in the future! I’m constantly trying to get them over to my apartment to hang out, drink, eat some pizza, but everyone is busy with school and they all live somewhat far away from me (like a 20 minute drive). Gas is expensive, and they’re just as broke, if not even more broker than I am. Hard to believe, I know. But life is hard for independent college students on their own. Doug’s in the same boat as I am—all his family is down in Southern California—but he’s even got a girlfriend down there which adds to his stress. I’ll go into more detail on that later, maybe.

I’m going to plug the book again, since that seems like a smart thing to do. I’ll be mailing out orders on Friday, so if you’d like one, now would be a good time to get one! Thanks to everyone who has ordered one so far, I hope you enjoy it when you get it!

Besides that, I have actually been enjoying updating the strip again? These quick strips give me lots of time to think about what to say, and then I get to say it in the author’s notes without feeling any remorse that I didn’t draw a comic about what I wanted to talk about. One time someone told me to show it rather than write it. Fuck that guy, I’ll write it if I want to!

Another day, another strip.