A few months ago, I bought a PCB and an aluminum case/plate from China. Another number of months ago, I ordered a set of custom keyswitches from Massdrop. Recently, I purchased a custom-sleeved, breakaway micro-usb cable from a group of people who specialize in making those. Today, I was able to put most of it together. And I guess what I think I’m saying is: I have a problem. Or maybe, that I just really like keyboards and custom tools. I don’t know. The one I’m typing on now is really nice! I’m definitely gonna take it to work and show it off.

Which reminds me, I need to get to bed. I already did myself a favor and made this comic, but there’s a lunch breakfast tomorrow and it starts as early as 8:30 am so… hasta luego, muchachos.

PS. How’s this for metadata?

PS: Click here to vote and see what my fingers look like after typing on my buttery-smooth tealios switches!