EDIT: I “colored” it!

Happy Mother’s Day: here’s my enemy.

Just kidding. But he’s weird for acting this way, right? Like, we’re coworkers. I guess I never realized how powerful acknowledgement was until I interacted with people who seem to use it as some form of approval.

I tend to get along with everyone I meet. I try not to rub people the wrong way — I like to listen and I tend not to offer my opinion unless prompted. I reserve judgement and investigate. So I hope I’m not being naïve when I assume I’m pretty apt about social nuance. I feel like this dude’s got a problem with me, personally, and I don’t know why. Masculinity? I mean, probably.

Anyway, I know a couple weird people like this, so I might do another one soon! Also, I might color this one tomorrow? But tonight: it’s late. I’m going to bed.

I love you. Goodnight!