This is kiiiinda a two-parter? You can read the first part here!

It was a quiet Wednesday night because I drew this strip while watching the new episode of Westworld (S02E04) and didn’t have time to scan/edit/color it before bed! So, you get a lunchtime update on a Thursday. Hooray!

I feel like as I get into this strip more, I’ll be bringing in more and more elements of my life. My job is a big one – it’s basically high school for adults. I spend most of my time at work (despite not wanting to). I meet most people in my life at work. I eat most meals at work. I think I poop probably more at work than at home…

…what I’m saying is: work is a huge part of my life and you’ll probably be seeing more of it!

Have I mentioned that I like typing on my keyboard? More later!