You might notice today’s hourlies have SIX (SIX IS MORE THAN FOUR). That’s because I drew the first 14 strips on a big 11×17 piece of paper, and after I scanned the first 8, I had 6 left! So. Mystery solved, team.

What’s better than six hourlies, though? You guessed it: a literal dolphin. But beyond that: seven comics. And you can see the seventh by CLICKING HERE. Or on that “Click to see a BONUS PANEL” button.

As for the comic, do you all know pierogies? Anybody? It’s a polish thing; my grandfather used to make them, and insisted the “G” be pronounced with as much phlegm as possible. PieroGHHH-CKKK-ies. Fun to say and to eat!

I’ll be uploading the last bunch of daily strips tomorrow, which I guess will technically be Monday (I’m uploading this at 11 PM PST)—Happy Sunday!

Oh, and check it out: I uploaded MORE CLASSIC ALLAN STRIPS. You can start at the beginning of the classic storyline, “The Change.”