GUESS WHAT. Here’s four more comic strips for #hourlycomicday (2018)! Please click the BONUS PANEL button below the strip to see another one for tomorrow!

ALSO, if you support me on Patreon, you can see EVEN MORE OF THESE STRIPS. Reminder: it literally costs you 100 pennies. Pennies. But I’ll get ’em all online soon enough—if you wanna see em first, tho, I’m guessing Patreon’s gonna be the place. I’m taking my time with these because I want to remember them fondly! I hope you all understand.

As for the strips, themselves — lunch meat wrapped around mozzarella is actually surprisingly satisfying. Assuming you’re taking some psyllium husk with it. Mmm. Fiber. And yeah, I live in northern California, so yeah, my tech company has yoga classes once a week! I don’t always go cuz I’m usually sore from the gym, but when I commit, I commit.

OK, more soon! Check twitter for lil’ previews and stuff!