I’ve never made brownies that didn’t turn out weird – like, cakey or eggy – and the other night I was like, “hey, what do I need to make them from scratch?” and we substituted bleached flour for whole wheat flour and used brown sugar instead of granulated white sugar and WA WA WEE WA they were great. I ate so much raw batter. I fear no egg sickness.

I’m on a roll! I’m jinxing myself typing that, but I kinda jinxed myself after I talked about feeling good that I completed a storyline so HEY I’M TEMPTING FATE I GUESS.

I sent people over to the forum, yesterday, to look at some old nsfw art – if you wanna participate over there, I’m taking requests on forum/comment avatars (also other people can jump in and draw avatars, too). You can check it out if you want a personalized doodle. Also, I think I deleted someone’s account. Sorry, dude – please just make another.