Yo so why do people think that admitting that they’ve basically been stalking you is some kind of compliment? Please leave me alone, I have no idea who you are and you shouldn’t know who I am unless you’ve introduced yourself. Don’t be weird first. Be normal first. Then you can be weird all you want!

I would be lyin’ if I said I wasn’t even a little tired after that last storyline, but here I go, pushin’ through! I’m thinkin’ about doing some fun projects and I gotta make sure I’ve shooken off all the rust and figured out my priorities. Still working on it, but like I always say, it’s better every day.

In other news, I’m setting up a forum! I know, “In this day and age?” you might purport. But hey, I thought it’d be fun. And I haven’t even tweaked the CSS that much and it already looks pretty, so if you want, click that button in the banner. I even uploaded some old nsfw art that you can ogle if you’re bored at work and wanna live dangerously.

Good night!