I haven’t talked about moving out of Lindsey’s parents house and getting a new place with another couple, yet, but someday I will!

I have, however, talked about this character before: Chris! He was in some classic Allan strips way back when, and he’s still around today! He’s been a good friend for a long time and I’m sure you’ll see more of him over the years.

In case you don’t know, “free-ranging” is when a cat’s food bowl is always full and they can eat whenever they want. It’s what I used to do with my kittens before I realized they were being Fat. And also, one of them got urinary crystals, so weight control was really important for his health. I decided to switch my cats to a grain free wet food diet and it solved both issues almost outright, though it is a bit more expensive than just buying urinary dry food. But my cats’ coat is so SILKY. SILKEN BOYS. I don’t think I could go back to feeding them an all dry diet, although I’m sure they’d be happy with it. They love those crunchy bits.

Also, also: I uploaded 20+ more Classic Allans, starting here! There are some rare guest strips that you might not have seen before, along with all the author’s notes and stuff. There are a lot of broken links because the internet is worse, now, but some of the links work. Roll the dice. What have you got to lose??

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday. I am excited for the future because it means I have more time to make art and do my job and exercise and eat good food and be the person I wanna be.