I’m back from Madison, Wisconsin! I survive the floods. I think I’ll make a storyline about it, but I drew this comic in the airport and I wanted to post it. For reference:

Also, I felt like playing around with streaming to make the process a little more interesting, but I’m still working out the kinks. My stream was super laggy, and I noticed that while I was stream so I hit record, but then OBS crapped out on me when I hit “Stop Recording” and the smooth video didn’t process for some reason. But — hey — I gotta figure this stuff out sometime.

You can watch the video my stream recorded here. In it, I talk about layout, linework, and a little color theory.

As always, more comics and things ASAP. I’m starving rn. Gonna go eat some pot roast my giant frog pressure cooked for me while I was on my flight back. Peace, love, and two bits.