I’ve been on a hiatus since Halloween – it’s good to be back but I’m still in the throes of a tough time. I got lucky with my last apartment, or maybe it’s just way worse than it was five years ago, but man oh man I can’t find an affordable place to live to save my live. And we’re not even looking for cheap. There’s a housing shortage out here, I think, and hopefully having good credit and a long-term job is enough to eventually qualify for something.

Also, my student loans are almost paid off! I’m sure I’ll make a comic about that at some point. It’s been a long time coming.

Coming up, too, of course, are the holidays, so I’m trying to get prepared for those, too!

AND, my job just shuffled me around to a new project, so I get to relearn everything I was working on for the next four months.

What I’m saying is, life’s tough right now, but I’m trying to get by.

Thanks for reading and watching. Take care!