I don’t know if any of you saw yesterday, but I was able to get access to a library computer and whip up a MS Paint comic explaining why I’ve been gone. Despite the rumors, I haven’t been playing video games and just blowing off my life now that Summer has started for me (Tweebus! (I’m kidding, that rocked)), but my computers been broken on and off for a week or two.

It was broken, then we took it in and fixed it, then it broke again. So now I’ve got to buy a new one. I’m kinda glad, I’m sure I’ll get an upgrade as compared to what I had. Ah well.

So, update on me: School’s out. I finished with a 3.12 GPA overall! That’s cool.
Me and Jen are still going out. In 4 days it’ll be our second month “technically.”
Uh, I might be going on some vacation soon, but for now it’s unforeseen and there are no absolute plans.
I’ve got a job working at my mom’s friend’s deli! I’m making sandwiches! I started Monday, and I get to go in about 3-5 times a week. Minimum wage ain’t so bad out here in California!
And that’s what’s up with me. I also might be trying to get my permit sometime this Summer, seeing as how I can get that now.

Alright guys! Hope you’re patient! Sorry for the crappy MS Paint, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I’ll probably get a new computer by Wednesday of next week and be uploading comics by Thursday.