Note: I meant draw well.

One more week of school–then I can get back to no more late updates!

EDIT: If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering where I’m at. Well. Currently, I’m at the library on account of a blatant lack of computer. That’s right. My computer died. It sucks. I sent it back in to get repaired, and they gave it back. And it works! However, the next day I turned it on and I got a blue screen saying Windows was corrupted. So now every time I turned it on it was blue! I couldn’t make comics with a frozen, blue screen! So we’re in the market for a new computer. We should have one by the end of next week, if not by the middle of next week. Thanks for your guys’ continuous support in wondering where I am and whatnot, and thanks to Tweebus for making me that little sketch on the left. I’ll keep on making comics as soon as I get my computer back!