I like this strip a lot. I remember this feeling very clearly.

So I have to ride my bike to the bus because it’s pretty far, then I take the bus to a stop near my school, and then I ride my bike the rest of the way. I don’t own an umbrella (and even if I did, I couldn’t ride my bike with it open as it would turn inside-out), or a raincoat, or really anything to prepare myself for the wet climate in which I live! I’ve never needed to before, as usually I’d have my ex girlfriend just drive me places when it got bad, or I wouldn’t have to commute such a long distance and I could just walk to a bus stop.

It’s a lame situation. I don’t like it when okcupid reminds me.

Also the other terrible thing about my life is I have an okcupid. Right? It’s awful. I don’t really log into it anymore (looked around for like 3 weeks) unless I get a message from anyone (usually a transsexual). Maybe I’ll make a comic about those, too. I don’t know. The point is dating sites are not a good place for your ego.

I’ve received a few voice acting samples from a handful of you lovely ladies looking to voice a character in the next Quest episode and I’m going to respond to them, now! I think so far all of your voices are wonderful and since I’m still working out character parts I might be able to use more than one of you for different roles! I would enjoy having a cast which didn’t primarily feature male leads and instead incorporated a few females. Like Community.

Anyway, I didn’t give the other ladies a sample to read from, so I will refrain from giving one here, now. Just record me anything and I’ll respond with a sample I’d like you to try out. Email is on the About page (even though that page is horribly outdated)!