My job is going well. I mean, it’s a lot of web tweaking with some very simple designing aspects, and other than that it’s filing and records. But occasionally while I’m working I will take a break to go visit the restroom, and nothing pisses me off more than piss. On anything. I am not a fan. But it’s terrible when you actually know the person who just throws caution to the wind and embraces their pee-spray like it was their talent. And it’s even worse if that guy is a 40-year-old office worker who you occasionally pass in the halls of your building. I give the evil eye very rarely, but I have decided it is his only prescription.

My finals have been very time-consuming, but they are coming to a close throughout this following week, and I am happy about that. Lots of work I still have to do, but then I’ll be able to focus on things which I want to focus on, again. Little comics like these, maybe a second episode of Quest (an animation I made) (per this comic from yesterday). I had a good experience animating it, despite it being a lot of work, and would like to do it again. Maybe you’d like to be a part of it?

For my next animation I’d like to include a female character, but I do not know any girls who want to voice act. Do you want to do a voice for a character? I’m still not sure who she will be or what she will do, but if you have a tumblr (or twitter, I guess you could send me a link there, too), why not record yourself performing a few lines from your favorite movie and tag the post with “allwood.” I’ll see it and send you a message!

Okay, more soon.