Well this is certainly the longest strip in a while. I drew part of it on the bus, which I think is a good sign. Despite the bumpy linework in one or two of those panels. Stupid old buses. Get some new shocks, public transportation, amirite??

Anyway, it’s midterms week and I’m getting further into my new job. I like the work, I like the people. I’m feeling better. I think the 10 steps helped. There are a few more I might bring up; occasionally I think of them and then forget them. One night when I remember another, I’ll draw it. Posterity, I guess?

I don’t have too much to discuss tonight. My day went smoothly, rode a bike, went to my classes, chatted with my friends, worked at work, made some good food, talked with my professors, etc. Maybe I’m just tired, but I feel good. Calm. And it’s only 12:30. Plenty of time left for a good night’s sleep.

And speaking of which…