The day I interviewed for the job my interviewer told me she’d be leaving on vacation for two weeks and wouldn’t be able to get back to me until three Mondays later. She told me she’d interviewed 5 other applicants and that she would definitely call me even if she was not going to hire me (which I appreciated). The night before Monday (Sunday), I slept, but my dreams consisted of waking up (in my dream), going to her office, falling asleep in her office because she wasn’t there yet, dreaming about her coming into her office and finding me and thinking it was weird, waking up from my dream (in my dream) and then panicking because I realized it was weird to be taking a nap in someone’s office at 7 am before they were actually there, rushing to the door to find her unlocking her own door, opening the door and startling both her and myself, finding myself unable to speak because I was so shocked/had just woken up, waking up from that dream into another dream, calling my dad (in that dream) and telling him about my dream aforementioned, and having him tell me I was weird for trying to go into her office before she was there. It was a very anxious night, and I didn’t get any rest the entire time.

The next morning I showered with my phone right outside the shower so I wouldn’t miss her call. I kept the ringer on loud the entire time and constantly checked my pocket every time I might’ve thought I felt a buzz. This job was basically a ticket for me to stay and live and continue attending my school, so it was very important I got it. If I hadn’t, I might’ve had to get a different one, and who knew if I’d be able to do that before I ran out of money?

When I got it I swung my fists in the air. I honestly thought I wouldn’t get it. I’ve never gotten a job I wanted before; I’d never been called back by an employer who I actually wanted to call me back. It’s probably the worst and best feeling at the same time. I’m sure I’ll get better at handling it, but the natural fieroresponse was enjoyable, albeit relieving.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of something beneficial and, while probably difficult, rewarding!