A couple Health Food Nuts have come into my Delicatessen and asked for a sandwich without bread. Now, I know what they want, they want a lettuce wrap, but… I mean… come on! That’s sacrilegious to the sandwich! Just like ordering a sandwich with Miracle Whip rather than Mayo (I know some people will disagree on that one with me) it just shouldn’t be done.

Where’s the carbs?! Where’s the girth? Why not just go home and grab a piece of lettuce and meat and eat that?? Slap some Miracle Whip on there if you want to… maybe a piece of cheese–who knows? Be creative!

Just don’t ask me to vigilantly tear up the fabric from which every sandwich was based upon!–because I won’t do it happily.

As for news:

Daniel_the_Drummer (you might or might not know him) wanted me to mention that he’s got a preview of his new strip Shark Brain which apparently will be amazing!

Also, I recently found The Adventures of Vindibudd, Superhero in Training,and I suggest you give it a check-up if you haven’t already. Whoever else likes comedies about superheroes and floppy pancakes should like this one.

Thanks for all the comments yesterday, guys! I know yesterday’s wasn’t particularly drawn well (I don’t like it at all) and most of you will agree with me, but you can’t win ‘em all, right? That’s what I get for sacrificing those other penciled drawings!


EDIT: For some reason I couldn’t upload this last night. I’m not sure why… I don’t think anyone could upload their comics last night…

EDIT AGAIN: I made a new banner image thing up at the top of the page. It’s bigger than the one before and much more complicated. I’m not sure it fits the whole “style” of the layout, so you guys tell me what you think.