I want this comic to be on my own terms, now, and that means not making promises I can’t keep. Who knows if I can update daily? Who knows if I can update weekly? Only I do, and I don’t want to make promises to other people which will eventually just let them down. That’s setting a standard that stresses me out and puts me at an imposition. This art should be fun. This journal should be for me. And that’s my goal. So I am sorry if sometimes my comics make you feel unimportant, like I don’t care if I update on time or for you. In the past, I made it abundantly clear that I did care, but now, not anymore. Not this comic. For The Future Universe, I still want to stick to a Sunday update schedule. I want to aim for this Sunday for a new strip, so if you’re interested in that comic, you might want to check that out come Sunday. And maybe there will be a new one. Hopefully. I hope. I mean, life comes up, and things happen, but it’s my goal to update on Sunday. I will be annoyed if something comes up and I can’t update TFU on Sunday. So check that if you want to read it. Check it on Sunday.

But school comes first. I’m not going $4k in debt every semester to miss an assignment which will lower my grade from an A to a B. I’m not sorry, about it, either, because that’s just the stage of life I’m in. When I was in high school, I had copious amounts of time, and I wasn’t going into debt when I missed a homework assignment. But now it is my debt. It is my apartment. This is my life and I’m paying for it. So sometimes I miss an update, and I feel better if I don’t put guilt on myself for not meeting some unnecessary goal. Sometimes I want to make a comic. On those days, I will make a comic. But school comes first. Life comes first. Food comes first. My cats come first. Lots of things come before my drawing now, and those are the steps I’m taking to make my life better. There are even more, as this is only #2. Maybe you can take some steps with me, or maybe not. #2 is me doing what I like on my own terms. I can’t recommend it enough. If I had the time, and it was my job, I’d be sure to set a schedule for myself. But it isn’t my job—it’s my recreation. It’s my fun. It’s what I do to let off a little steam and illustrate what I’m feeling. Sometimes I don’t even know what it is I’m feeling when I start these, but I know by the end. That’s a kind of therapy for me, and therapy shouldn’t bring me stress; it should relieve it.

I don’t have anything to link you to, tonight. There are lots of things going on in politics. I know a lot of my readers aren’t of the age to vote, yet, but if you can, vote. And watch the Daily Show, and watch the Colbert Report. Politics can be funny, and they can be important. If you’re intelligent you can identify all aspects of it. Remember that your voice matters, even if it is one of the minority.

Have a good weekend. I might see you tomorrow.