Yeah, so I’ve got a job. My “uncle” just recently opened this Deli, and my mom talked with him and he said he needed some help, so she “volunteered” me. I agreed because I had nothing better to do. Plus $7.75 an hour isn’t bad for roughly 20 hours a week, especially for a 15-year-old.

So I’ve got some money, and I’m loving spending it! I get to buy stuff now. Especially for Jen, who’s really appreciative whenever I buy her something like a bikini top… plus I get to see it on her.

I really like using these pens I’m using now… other’s, like Dave (Acadia) from ApL might not like it because it’s thicker and darker, but these ultrafine sharpies give a really cool feel. Thank my friend Drew(tastic) for recommending them!

Any other news? Uhh, not right now. Maybe later. Thanks for all you guys for still reading after all this time. Really means a lot to me that I’ve got great fans like all’a youse!