Wow. I’ve been gone for what, now? A month? Three weeks? I think I said a month. Close enough! Two weeks is too long in itself, let alone a MONTH! Don’t worry guys, I’m back now and you can stop praying to heathen gods for my swift return.

So, this one is like twice as long, and I’ll have the next few explain the whole story as to why I was gone in a more expansive detail than that which is displayed here.

Also: Notice anything different about the new scanner? Any better quality? The lines aren’t quite as hard, because I don’t have to use the “threshold” command anymore! I like it.

And let’s all thank my friend Drew(tastic) for helping me out so much over these past few days. For someone who doesn’t make comics, he’s really good at making comics!

So I’m back! Tell your friends! Link me! Spread the word! I’ve got to recover from my absence, so anything you guys could say would really help!

Thanks a bunch everyone… now I’ve got about 500 comics to catch up on! More comics tomorrow!