Not to mention a coworker got punched in his chest by two other guys stealing beer, and another customer came in brandishing a gun and stole MORE beer. All within a week. Gettin’ scary working there!

In other news:
Thank you guys for your orders and support! Thanks to you I will be able to make rent and continue surviving. I’ll start updating the “_____’s Allan” hopefully by tomorrow! If you’d still like to purchase one, I’m happy to continue taking orders. A note, though: apparently the store does not allow a place for you to leave a note for me, so make sure that if you buy one your PayPal e-mail is one you use! I’ll be sending a message your way. (Also just a character for cheaper.)

Also, remember Blue Circus? Well it stopped updating for a few days when Drunk Duck went down. Since then, I’ve decided to host it elsewhere for the time being.

Click here to be taken to the new page (and there’s probably been a few more pages since you last read it)!

Again, can’t thank you guys enough!

More soon.