So some of you who follow me on twitter or tumblr know that I am in the middle of a financial crisis.

Due to my work cutting my hours and my family already giving me all the money they can I’ve decided to sell some stuff to try to make rent before I die from lack of money and food.

So what have I come up with?

Ever wanted to be in an Allan strip? Ever want to have your OWN Allan strip? Well if you think you have a story or a situation, or even just a joke, then you can buy one of these and I will draw it for you, put it online, and ship it directly to your address. All I need from you is the story and maybe a photo of you/whoever is involved.

Also did I mention the strips will be uploaded HERE where they will stay forever? (Unless otherwise specified, of course.)

I believe the store I have set up allows users to send me some notes once they’ve purchased the item. IF FOR SOME REASON IT DOES NOT I will e-mail you to make sure I get the whole story. I want you guys to get your money’s worth! Also note that on US orders the shipping is INCLUDED.

Also if you are like me and do not have much money, then maybe all you want is a sketch of someone’s face. Maybe your own? Either way you can get that here. Same deal, different price.

Okay, thank anyone and everyone for reading and supporting me. You guys are still the best.

More news stuff soon! Off to work!