Man, yeah, Mark’s probably the coolest 21-year-old I’ve ever met. He’s nice, he’s quiet, and he’s straight to the point, so I kinda paid him homage in this episode.

The whole group was Mark, Me, Ryan, Rebecca, and Jen. I didn’t really include me or Jen, because I wanted to get the point across that Mark was kinda the “hero” of the group, and how he picked us all up from our houses so we didn’t have to go to school.

This one was late. Like, an hour late. I left it ‘till the last minute, and I had a whole bunch of fun getting distracted by American Idol, and that freaking beatboxing guy. Man, now I want to learn how to do that.

Also, thanks for all the kind words over the last few days. All you new readers and old, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your readership, so thanks!

And there’s the news for today! I’ve got to get some sleep, because I’m running low on steam. Cya guys tomorrow.