Ryan told me and Jen this on Monday, and I didn’t get to it because I had another thought planned, so I figured I’d do this one today, and today’s tomorrow. Hopefully nothing special happens tomorrow.

And in other news, I update  again, so click on that and observe its colorful beauty! It’s me! In color! And I’ll be updating it tomorrow, too–just because I can! Woo, I’m a sketching fiend!

Oh, and as for what I did today? I chillaxed with some buds at the mall. We saw Shaun of the Dea–I mean Hot Fuzz! It was really cool, and though some of the action scenes weren’t amazing, I really really liked it. So go see it if you like British humor.

PS. The update problems are fixed now? Awesome!

PSS. I got this kickass piece of FANART by Sweetninja566–you should check out her webcomic, “Patch’s Revenge,” or any of her other works! (Also, there’s a rumor spreading she’s making me ANOTHER little something? What a dedicated artist!)

Edit: I added a little texture on Jen’s skirt for the heck of it, and I also almost forgot Ryan’s emo aura at the end! Good thing I remembered!