You guys wanna know something? No one likes the chaperon at parties, and no one likes them in life, but I know that someone always has to play them. Always.

In other news, have you checked out all these bugs going on with Drunk Duck lately? I’ve noticed a whole buncha ‘em, which is to be expected when you get new features like these awesome profiles, but the newly updated strips ain’t working, a few trophies aren’t working, and just some other mini bugs I’ve seen around lately have been, well, bugging me.

So, yeah. Me and Jen are like (excuse the expression) peas in a pod now. Kinda inseparable. I don’t think I’ve ever been inseparable with anyone before; it’s a great feeling. It’s like, you want time to yourself?–but you’d rather talk to this person even more than you want to hang out by yourself, even if all you want to do is hang out with yourself.

Again, it’s great.


Edit: Oh ho ho ho ho ho, now? What’s this? A feature?! I believe I have been featured? Oh joy to be had! Joy to be had! I’d like to thank my fans, my admins, and of course my host. I’d like to thank my life for helping me think up all these great ideas, and I’d like to thank… Jen? Yeah sure. Thanks Jen!

One thing though: when have I ever said I could be lying? Hm? Interesting. I don’t know when I stuck that down on the Author’s Notes, but if I did, I was instilling question into the common man’s mind, just to pose a psychological debate of the ages!

Again, really guys, thanks for your support throughout these past 69 (hee, hee) pages. Your comments and following has made “Allan” what it is today!

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