I hang out with my friend’s every other weekend or so. It’s kinda a habit I’ve gotten into. One weekend to chillax with some buds, one weekend to sleep in and not do anything. Also, we make it a priority to throw mini-parties on those weekends of which I’m with them, so me and Ryan will probably do that.

I tried drawing Freux and Tera in that last panel somewhere, I don’t know if you’ll notice them or not. Either way, I wanted to incorporate some DD people on here (Don’t think I’m calling you Ryan’s booty-calls, though! I’m just kidding.).

Oh, and incase you didn’t catch it yesterday, I’m now a part of the Mediocre Militia, so check out this link and a few pieces of my work!

I’ll try and upload my comic tomorrow night… no promises, though! I might be having too much fun.