Wow! This is my 50th Allan strip, which means it’s the 61st strip, but 50 I’ve made all by myself! Cool.

And as for Rob not reading my comic recently, it’s stupid. I mean, he must’ve gotten bored during the guest week or something (I, myself was not bored at all), but then he starts asking me about my life. Honestly Rob, if you need to know about my life, check out the comic. It’s where I keep all the useful information and good gossip.

Oh, I don’t know if you guys’ve noticed, but for the past week or so, I’ve been drawing these in pencil, then inking them, then erasing the pencil. It takes a little bit away from the graphic flow of the page, but it lets me fix typos and errors with text boxes and whatnot before they happen. Plus I get more foresight into the whole “where am I going to put this character” thing. Tell me if you’ve noticed, and if you have if you like it better or worse. I’m open to suggestions.

So take care guys! I’m off to go and debate whether to play more video games, or do some rightly needed homework.