I thought this was rather ironic, and somewhat iconic. Sure, I didn’t want to share it with Ryan–if he finds out it’s his own problem. I don’t like meddling (though you wouldn’t know from this comic).

So, ah, yeah. You guys know who Chris Cornell is? Lead singer from Soundgarden and Audioslave? Now he’s off on his own since Rage Against the Machine got back together, and I guess he’s soloing now? He did the new theme “You know My Name” from the new James Bond. It rocks. I love his voice. I wish I could sing–I’d try to sing like him.

Tweebus, my insider, told me about something called “Sexy Monday.” I’m not sure what that is, but I might have something for it. Or not. You never know.

So, ah, happy Friday! I’m not doing anything this weekend, so expect me to be around a lot. Or just message/email me (woodallan yahoo.com, or AIM: justallanwood).

Cya all later.