Day 25, guys!

And yeah, I finally asked Jen out to a concert. I told her the details weren’t worked out yet, and she said she might want to bring her friend along, which I think is kinda cool. Is it? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I made a follow-up comic for this one, which I guess I’ll update tomorrow, and then I’ll work on … let’s see … it’ll be Sunday then? Sunday’s.

Alright. Thank you all for your support! Oh, and if you can contribute to me leaving in any way, check out this thread right here! Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far!

PS. That song playing on my ipod is “Winter” by Joshua Radin. It is one of the best songs to wake up to, and it’s got GREAT vocals! Definitely download it if you like some softer music every now and then!

Edit – acadia plugged my “going away” thread, so in return, I’m giving him a whole line of a plug. Thanks A!