This is one of those “I didn’t give you the whole story because I wanted to spice it up for the reader”-type deals. I did finally get what band Jen likes, and I’m going to google up some tickets to a concert. Only thing is, with this funeral coming up I can’t do it before the break–so I guess she’ll have to wait.

Alright. Also, I’ve been getting some awesome guest comics from you fans, and that rocks out of control, but if you’re willing to make one and don’t know what to make, here are some ideas:

1. A mock up comic (where you add yourself into the comic or just base the comic off of you) (this seems to be the most popular option).

2. A single picture of a character you like, maybe an illustration or something.

Those are the two most common that I know of, if you guys come up with anything else and want to contribute tell me if you can or not in the forum thread, and then PQ me with your entry. I’ll try and return the favor!