If you talked to me last night on AIM/YIM, you know that yesterday I drew myself into a stupor. After 5 hours of coloring/drawing, following an additional 1 hour (for yesterday’s strip) I could barely function. I think you all will agree it was worth it though.

I originally just wanted this to be linework, but, when you look at black and white linework you can’t see figures as easily, and with all that background detail, it was hard to differentiate me from the trees.

PS 1: Today’s strip is larger both in file size and actual size, seeing as how there is much more detail. I hope you guys can dig a file size that is 3 times as large as previous updates for the sake of preserving color at high quality.

PS 2: If you want to see just the linework, I’ll be putting it up on Mediocre Militia, so stop by there in 10 minutes or so.

I played a Pen and Paper RPG with Rob the other day, and that’s what this is about. If I worded it kinda funny (compared to my other ones), it’s because I wanted it to seem like I was there, just like you feel when you’re playing an RPG. And then I interrupt the game saying how awesome the mental picture I was getting was.

Hope you like today’s, it was a lot of fun work to make.

As for other stuff, JeepChan updated for the first time I’ve seen in a while, so stop by and tell her hi!–she’s cool (Kez, that is).

I got Incubus’ new album “Light Grenades” (which I know has been out quite a while, now), and I recommend a few songs from it; “Oil and Water,” “Dig,” “Anna Molly,” and “Love Hurts” (in that order). They’re all cool grooves.

Hope you guys had a fun day today; I hung out with Jen all day, so mine was pretty darn good–that’ll be tomorrow’s strip.

Alright! So! Mandatory “Vote for Me/Post in the Forum” plug, and then I’m off! Also, I’ll probably be adding an “About” and “Characters” section to the site, so that you can keep track of all these WACKY PEOPLE!

Goodnight! I’m off to do dishes!


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