Wow. I was (and still currently am) working on a double update for today, but I couldn’t get the coloring done for the second one, so you’ll have that to look forward to tomorrow–it’ll be fully colored. It’s one of my favorite strips, ever, too… so you can be the judge.

But I don’t mean to pass this one along–I like this one as well. Love my new pen, too! Probably the best pen I’ve ever had. Thank goodness for Micron.

Today’s was actually yesterday’s; this is Scott. He’s kind of a manager, but he doesn’t have the title or uniform for it, he just likes to carry clipboards around all day and pretend like he’s doing something important, which he obviously never is. He also thinks he’s some sort of bigshot and wears sunglasses all the time (which I hear is really bad for your eyes).

In relationship to my “uncle,” he’s just a family friend or something. They have a good relationship and seem to know each other pretty well. I don’t know.

Also, I think I’ll see the new Simpsons movie come next weekend. Bart goes nude–I wonder how they swung that? Anyway, yellow penises make any movie worth seeing (a completely un-gay thing for me to say, I know). I guess I can look past the perversion most people would see when they hear someone expects male nudity in a film and see more the, “How the hell are they going to make that look on Bart?!”

So yeah. I’m almost done plugging myself for the voting at the DD Awards, but not quite yet (I figure most of you have cast your vote on all categories already), so I’ll do that maybe for this last week. Cue:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you’d like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas:
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Plus, if you have an opinion on an Allan book voice it in the forum, which is this topic and tell me if you’d be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.
And now, I even have a thread up open for “Allan” T-shirts, so if you have something you’d like to see on a shirt, tell me! Right here!

Note: the only real reason I made these threads was because people showed real interest in attaining these products; I’m not doing it for my own benefit, just for those who can get something out of my little autobiography. Thank you.

And that’s it. Expect a double update either the day after tomorrow or the day after next (I just want to catch up), but not tomorrow, because tomorrow’s deserves it’s own day.

Oh! And did you notice I “fixed” yesterday’s page? You guys might not notice it, but it was a little jaggedy and yellowish, so I fixed that. Also it’s no longer cut off at the bottom, so there’s that. And here’s that.