I think these types of strips should be fun once in a while. Every now and then my parents like to tell me stories of how cute I was when I was little, and I guess I’ll share some of them with you when I have a rather uneventful day (today was one of those… since I had a day off, and went and saw that new movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.” (with Jen) (I liked it)).

And you might notice my scanner being a little freaky tonight! I’m not sure why but the picture came out all funky… I’ll make sure to try and fix it when I solve the problem.

Anyway, enjoy my “Lil’ Allan” day, and I’ll see how many more of these I can pull out of my past!

Also, voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you’d like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas:
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you’d be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book (I also wouldn’t mind discussion of an “Allan” T-Shirt, which I’ll probably make a new thread for (or you guys could make one FOR me!)).

Talk to you guys more tomorrow… or tomorrow night, seeing as how I have work–on a Saturday.