I didn’t upload anything yesterday because I was working… a lot.

Anyway, this was a conversation from last night between me and JEN! That’s right, she’s still ALIVE! I know, can you believe it?!

Oh, and I don’t call Jen “HunnyBunny…“ that name is already taken!

So I’ll try and make up for yesterdays comic being missing tomorrow, cuz I have tomorrow off! Cya all later–oh, but before I go: obligatory voting paragraph:

Voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you’d like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words ”Allan“ and possibly ”I vote for” in these two areas:
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

I also still need people to drop their opinions on an Allan book in the forum, which is this topic in the forums and tell me if you’d be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book.

Thanks for reading guys and for all the support!