Yeah, I haven’t finished it yet unlike SOME of you READERS out there who devote entire days to books. Personally I don’t have that kind of time!

Also, if this happens to be your favorite type of humor, then don’t take offense, I guess we’ve just got different tastes!

And for yesterday’s comic I apologize if any of you found it a little hard to distinguish for yourselves what was going on, or why I felt the way I did, etc. etc.

Plus voting has started for the DD Awards, and if you’d like to vote for me just drop a comment including the words “Allan” and possibly “I vote for” in these two areas:
Best Real Life,
Best Line Art.

Thanks again for stopping by!

PS. I’m not sure why, but yesterday I got MASSIVE pageviews, like none since I’d been featured (actually about half that). That was cool. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: I need all of you to check out this topic in the forums and tell me if you’d be interested in purchasing an “Allan” book. Thanks!