So I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like there’s a huge stigma around psychedelics, or really anything a person can eat or drink that affects their state of mind (besides alcohol), and so it’s not really the easiest thing for me to make comics about my experiences when I know people who are close to me are following along. But, I’m thinking lately that if these people really care about me, they know I’m careful, thoughtful, responsible, etcetera. I think people see things like weed, LSD, and shrooms and think “slippery slope,” but then, I also think those people haven’t really formed their own opinions about substances. Hearsay, I guess?

I don’t mean to generalize. My point is: I’ve had good experiences, and I’d like to share that these things can and should be enjoyed, albeit responsibly, whenever you want. I’d like to share that without being judged, but people judge, so I am still going to be myself, make my art, and explore the world and my place in it. Shrooms were fun. Did you know their spores are legal in 47 states?

In other news, I drew kira’s dog, Mim: