I really haven’t, like, prepared for a Monday in a while. It feels good to give myself a couple hours before bed to switch my headspace off from funmode into workmode. I’m not there, yet, but as you can see… I’m prepping.

I really dig the shades of purple in this strip. idk why, I just saw it on kuler or whatever it’s called now and I figured I’d give it a go. I usually do a really simplified take of blending their swatches together. If anyone out there fancies themselves a digital painter, lemme know what you come up with!

Anyway, I’m updating this on Sunday night. It’s 10:53 PM right now and I wanna be up in 7 hours. My protein breakfast smoothie is blended, laundry’s done, clothes put away…

I live a simple life, I guess. That’s a good thing, right?