I was going to tweet something to this extent, but I decided I’d draw it, instead. I’ve found—despite me wanting to be someone who can influence people with words alone—that if there are no pretty pictures accompanying my ideas then no one cares. Maybe that’s because my art is unique—it’s the thing that really gives you “my take,” and people already have their favorite writers and thinkers. They’re looking for something fresh. And this just happens to be my “fresh thing.”

When I open up to people, I am hoping for engagement and response, but if I really analyze why I’m chatting, I’m not really looking for a solution – I’m looking for validation. Sometimes, I just want someone to hear me and understand me, and I think we all want that. So, when I’m having a conversation with someone, I find—despite an opportunity—it’s not actually my place to tell someone what to do or how to solve a problem (or mansplain). Instead, I ask them how they’d solve it, or try to ask questions that maybe they haven’t thought of, before. I think this is more productive for both of us; for me, I understand the issue more, and for them, they have someone to share with who is seeing an issue from their perspective and letting them vent.

Win/win/win. The third win is because Michael Scott gets a win, too, because he solved a problem.