OK so the 3950x is a great processor that I desperately need because my MoBo and CPU are like 8 years old but it’s marked up everywhere that it’s been in stock because it’s so highly demanded right now so I figured out the timing on Amazon’s pre-order algorithm/restock schedule (?) and realized that every 2 hours they’d add more 3950x processors at MRSP so eventually I timed it right and – uh – was real good and asked Santa for it in the knick of time?

Run-on sentences aside, I am pumped and now I need to get some RAM and a new MoBo and possibly a new heatsink and definitely some thermal paste. Wait, what did I just say about run-on sentences? Nevermind. I think I’m good on the Power Supply. I’ll have to check. Fuck. And I thought Mechanical Keyboards were expensive …

Anyway, comics, right? Yeah, haha, comics, yeah. Remember?

Hm. K bye!