So it’s been over a month since I’ve uploaded a comic. I feel bad about that, but I’m also happy I’m uploading one tonight. I’m trying to feel good about moving forward – trying to learn from my past and not repeat the same mistakes, but also, I give myself a really hard time when I do make mistakes and I feel like it’s counter-productive regarding my mental health. No one’s perfect, and I know that, so I should stop holding myself to such a high standard.

Also, what good does it do!

There’s a lot of nuance to cooking meat, so, as you may notice if you are familiar with cooking beef, I left a lot out of this strip. That’s because I feel like a lot of the fun to cooking is developing your own flare/style/perspective and the only way to do that is to practice! So get out there and cook some meat.

I have a lot I can talk about. A big problem for me is not appreciating the work I begin; if I don’t immediately like a thought when I first put it down on paper, it never goes anywhere. So often times I’ll think something up and get excited about making it, spend a while actually thinking about it, and then eventually put one panel down on a page and scrap the whole thing. It’s frustrating! But that’s my process, I guess. I should remind myself that – especially with a journal comic – not every day is going to hit and be some revelation. Sometimes, I just gotta make a strip about cooking a steak.

OK, bye bye.