Well, I was unable to get a comic online Sunday, but for good reason! The weekend was a BLUR with a hike, some post-move organizing, and then Bay to Breakers in San Francisco! Talk about a whirlwind of activities. I don’t even think there was a weekend.

So I managed to get this page online Monday night. Not bad! I plan on making the next strip about the run as it was filled with interesting characters. Most were clothed. Some were naked. San Francisco, amirite?

Hope your weekend was less exhausting than mine! If it wasn’t, I hope you are feeling ok. Also, friendly advice, try not to run seven-and-a-half miles if you haven’t trained for it. Pretty sure when I walk down stairs Satan, himself, is pulling me with all his might.

Happy Monday! And also please remember you can read this comic in color on Patreon!