for the first time in a while I finished a comic ON-TIME and EARLY. I guess it helps when I know where a storyline is going, but every strip is still a unique challenge that unfolds as I create it. Gotta flow with it, even when you know where it’s going. So, what I’m saying is: it’s always a challenge and you should always be proud of yourself for overcoming a challenge, no matter what caveats eat away at your sense of pride.

Did you see that I uploaded another 20 Classic Allan strips that haven’t been online in YEARS?? Start here and work your way forward!

PS. Notice how the text in this storyline keeps changing sizes? I drew the first page in a small (narrow) sketchpad, then pt. II was drawn on a wider page, and this pt. III was drawn on this special printer paper from my work! This strip might’ve gotten a little too wide as the text’s kinda small, but the odd layout changes also lends itself well to the spooky nature of this storyline~

Not really, though. But at least I’m having fun. Goodnight!

EDIT: Messed with the text bubbles a lil. Goodnight again!