I feel guilty about this long-awaited strip! Getting my space organized enough for my creative process to return has been a pain and despite knowing that I can’t produce personal art when I’m uncomfortable I still feel like I’m letting everyone down. Ah well, that’s anxiety for ya.

I’m developing a strategy about making comics on a regular schedule. I’ve been enjoying going to the gym every other day and I imagine I should work drawing into that routine. Perhaps after the workout I’ll sit in my car before driving home and bang out a page. That’s what I did, here, but it took me awhile to get around and color it. Procrastination is my greatest enemy. Sometimes it’s a productive enemy, though. I’ve been doing a lot of things!–everything except finish this comic. But hey, look, it happened!

So my goal is to update about 3-4 times a week – every other day. Funny enough, I used to make a comic called “Every Other Day.” It was pretty bad. Basically a rip-off of Ctrl-Alt-Del. But we were all young and naive once, right?


I’m alone in my shame.

PS. Here’s two bonus panels because you still don’t know that I’m dating this amazing girl named Lindsey:

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