I’ve never been “promoted” before! I’m new to the working world, though, what being a recent college grad, so I guess I’ve never been a lot of things, before.

it’s been a little tough creating “insightful” comics and I know that’s not necessary for Cory Allan strips but it’s something I strive to do so I’m still practicing transitioning back and forth between those kinds of comics and these kinds of journal comics where they’re a little more direct and literal. also, my living situation makes it difficult to create, sometimes, but you knew that, already.

I’m working a lot on Jack of AllTrades. I like Chapter 3 a lot. I’ll probably have it done closer to the end of November, so it’s fall-themed and that’ll still be appropriate (I hope). Pumpkins!

Gonna try to keep updating this week. More stuff like this. Thanks for following along!