So I’ve been gone for a bit. Been mulling some stuff over. I’m working on a website for the comic. And frankly, sometimes I just slump it for a week or so. So I’m definitely trying my best to have a regular updating schedule, but I do have things that hold me back.

I’m uploading this one as public because it involves my coworker and I wanted to honor them with it!

I try to avoid political discussion in my comic, generally, but frankly, it’s hard to be a 20-something American online and avoid it. It’s everywhere.

But I love discussing it at work, because everyone on my team is 100% liberal and just loves to rag on conservatives. It’s great, especially because half of my family votes red, so it’s nice to blow off steam about it with the team.

Anyway, big surprise, Californian is liberal and likes to joke about Trump. Print that in your fake news!